Parallax-View is an international network for artistic collaboration between Scotland.

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The name of the network came from Slavoj Zizek’s article, “The Parallax View”, which explores a methodology that needs to be implemented when you need to examine multiple polemic, irreconcilable positions.

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Network Artists

Suk-Jun Kim

A Korean sound artist and composer whose interest is in the sound of humming, the nondescripts, the immersive. As a researcher, Suk-Jun Kim is professor in music (electroacoustic music and sound art) at the University of Aberdeen

Omar Berakdar

The founder of Arthereistanbul and a Syrian photographer and media artist.

Imogene Newland

A multidisciplinary artist, choreographer and creator of original contemporary performance.

Sara Al Khayat

A graphic designer and visual artist from Damascus. Her work primarily centers on women’s issues, identities and forced disappearance in Syrian prisons, as well as children in devastated areas in Syria.

Pete Stollery

Pete Stollery is interested in how humans respond to sounds in their immediate surroundings, in particular sounds that are not necessarily intended for listening purposes, as well as how an engagement with sound relates to the idea of place.

Abel Korinsky

Abel Korinsky is part of „Studio Korinsky“ based in Berlin. They are working on installations, performances, gallery and museum works. Through audio-visual installations, they are trying to evoke a different kind of perception. They create site–specific works and have worked in old factories, churches and many other often disused spaces.

Lise Olsen

A Scottish-based artist who works in-between a sphere of space and the sonic. Her work aspires to uncover the traces of what’s hidden and reveal ephemeral moments using stories, sounds, and images. Walking is an essential part of her process in delivering a platform for social participation and shared experiences.

Mehdi Farzane

An Istanbul/Tehran-based bass guitar player and composer and has performed as a bass player and composer for many bands in Iran and Turkey. He released an EP album with Telecraze rock band in 2012,Mehdi took place in many songs and albums as a performer, bass player, composer, arranger, and songwriter.

Jack Beattie

A British music producer and sound artist currently based between İstanbul and Amsterdam. More recent inquiries centre around music as a philosophical tool - a lens through which to investigate and interrogate perceived social norms and dogma - employing microtonality and notions of dissonance; improvisation, participation and collaboration; and research into a wide range of music traditions to achieve this.

Bea Dawkins

A Sound Artist living, composing, and researching in Aberdeen. She is an active member of Scotland’s sonic arts community and plays a leading role in the support and development of the experimental arts in her city as well as further afield.

Kwangrae Kim

As a composer and researcher, Kwangrae Kim's compositional strategies show various formats including fixed media acousmatic, audio-visual, soundscape composition, live interactive performances with visuals, instruments and installations.

Maja Zeco

An interdisciplinary artist-researcher who lives between Bosnia and Scotland. Her practice spans performance art, sound, and moving image. As she works in different geographic and institutional contexts, her works are often site-specific and relational, negotiating personal and group narratives of identity and history.

Hugo Inglez

An artist of storytelling. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro - a melting pot of multicultural influences - Hugo uses folk symbolism, collaborations and a wide range of artistic media to create cross-cultural multidisciplinary works that investigate the myriad phenomena of the human soul.

Roua Jafar

A multidisciplinary Syrian artist based in Amsterdam. Coming from a background as an art teacher and printmaker in Damascus, Roua's intensely personal work documents her journey using a variety of media - writings, paintings, collages, photography, music, installations.

Orhan “aib” Kavrakoğlu

A new media artist and creative coder in Turkey

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